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Equipment and Uniform

Our standard registration fee for all players 9U and up is $450.

New players to our program will need to purchase the whole uniform package during registration on top of the standard registration fee.


Returning players can purchase A-La-Carte uniform items as needed when registering


The Weld County Bears Standard Uniform options available for purchase:

  • Reversible game jersey (White Away Jersey & Black Home Jersey)​

  • Black pants with with fully integrated 7 piece pads

  • Game Socks (Black, White)

  • Practice Jersey (custom)

  • White pants with fully integrated 7 piece pads

*All players that register will receive a Bears T shirt or undershirt!!*

You will be responsible for providing your child with:

  • Shoulder pads

  • White Helmet & White Facemask

  • Cleats (molded rubber)

  • Black or White Chin strap

  • Colored mouthpiece (not clear)

  • Athletic supporter and cup (if desired)

  • Gloves (if desired)

  • Accessories (Sweat bands, skull caps, CLEAR VISOR, half sleeves, ETC....)


Reach out on the Bears Facebook page, many families have used gear they want gone!

Order new gear on Amazon,, Garretsons in Greeley!

Bear Head_Gray_Black.png
Practice Uniform

For practice all players should wear a helmet, chin strap, mouthpiece (MUST BE COLORED, NOT CLEAR), practice jersey, shoulder pads, practice pants with built-in pads. A water bottle labeled with your child's name.


Game Uniform

For games all players will wear a helmet, chin strap, colored mouthpiece (not clear), game jersey, shoulder pads,  game pants with built-in pads and team socks. 

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